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The Montessori Method

We believe in the montessori way of nurturing young minds. Montessori observed that when children were provided an environment prepared for their needs, they began to show certain characteristics not often associated with young children- a love of work, deep concentration, peacefulness, empathy, self-discipline, and more.

Our montessori learning environment sparks physical growth and discovery while our creative curriculum, which combines the traditional and the progressive, supports each student’s growth.

We meet kids where they are


3 months to 12 months. Activities to develop social skills, including reaching and grasping, recognizing simple songs, imitating actions and sounds. Basic eating utensils, sorting, caring for self and environment.


14 to 24 months. Activities to develop motor skills, including transferring, clipping, stringing, wrapping, and more. practical life skills, including rolling a mat, wiping spills, sweeping up, self care, serving food.


2 – 3 years. Motor skills include cutting, throwing, balancing, spooning, and more. Ability to develop language skills include identifying pictures, phonetic sounds, number booklets, storytelling.

Enrichment Care

Rather than “daycare or after-care” the day is wrapped up with an enrichment session for the children to choose if they like. The Montessori curriculum continues all through the morning and Enrichment Programs are offered in the afternoon in addition.

Everyday we work to empower your child.

Research-based curriculum and individual learning experiences are integral to all the programs at our school. Our teachers are dedicated and nurturing, which means their singular goal is to help your child meet milestones and become successful.

The Montessori Toddler environment provides a safe, calm, carefully designed setting for optimal learning that nurtures the physical and spiritual being. Sensory, cognitive, language, social, and cultural activities address the natural tendencies of the child’s developmental process. Even at this early stage, a child is soon able to make choices for his own independence.

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